BEST Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite

First we have to understand WHAT is cellulite?

Your skin or at least the outward appearance of it all depends on what's going on underneath that layer.

So here is a diagram of what firm skin looks like compared to cellulite. The key areas to pay attention to in this diagram are; your skin (the epidermis), fat cells, muscle, and connective tissue


So fat is kind of like jell-o and it will mold and shape to more rigid structures. Connective tissue is very rigid. When you have excess fat, the connective tissue gets pulled further and further apart and this is what creates dimpling.

Think about what happens with a resistance band. When you pull the resistance band apart it gets tighter and tighter, right? So think of your connective tissue doing this. When it does this, it creates little pockets in your skin because the connective tissue is pulling and the skin is being pulled down and that's what creates that dimpling look on your thighs. So while you may not be able to eliminate it completely, you can drastically reduce the appearance of the dimpling/cellulite.

So WHAT can you do?

1. Overall fat loss - because we can not spot reduce fat, we have to lose it from all over. So how do we do this? Create a calorie deficit. Start tracking a normal day of eating for you to establish your current baseline then subtract 300-500 calories and start there. 

2. Building muscle - by building muscle we are reducing the distance between the connective tissue and the outer most layer (the epidermis). Specifically, you will want to focus on movements that build your hamstrings. Some of my favorites are romanian deadlifts, lying hamstring curls, glute ham raise, bulgarian split squats, barbell back squat 


Bri Berner