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EQ Coaching Academy

If you’re a fitness coach, health coach, or personal trainer who’s looking to create a six figure income within the next 90 days, regardless of the size of your following, and without using paid advertisements or a website, then I created the EQ Coaching Academy for you.

Girls Lifted Transformation Program

This program is designed to take someone through every stage of their fitness journey to set them up for life-long, sustained results.

We believe that the best plan, is the plan that you'll do. Therefore, your specific program is highly personalized and designed based off of lifestyle and behavior.

Training: Our goal, is to increase your lean body mass. No, you won’t bulk up like a bodybuilder, but by increasing muscle tissue, you are able to increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories during the day. Why is this important? You get to eat more while staying leaner. Win Win! We will be working with you to create: your experience in the gym, comforts, goals, etc. What good is a routine if you don’t like it or look forward to it?

Mindset: Our challenge to you will be to question yourself. Question your beliefs on diets/exercise and how you see yourself. Once you begin to believe in the approach and more importantly, in yourself, we can break apart the negativity in self-image and self-restrictions. This will come with time and will change all aspects in your life. As you may know, I 100% believe that psychological health is the focal point of any ‘diet’ or journey. 

Flexible Nutrition: Flexible nutrition and counting macros is a systemic approach to help dieters live without food restrictions and negative relationships with food. It itself isn’t a diet, but a system of tracking food. This just offers a way to remove the stigma of diet food. providing you with the knowledge and freedom to choose. Incorporating foods you enjoy into your day will help to eliminate categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”. 

This is not a diet, but a lifestyle!

Remember: consistency, accountability and sustainability.