Allison Fischer

"Weird confession: I don't want to lose weight.

The varying number on my scale has been something I use, yes, but that's never been what defines my goals or progress.

Even weirder confession: my written goal at the beginning of this was to be the hottest chick on my boyfriends boat all summer πŸ’πŸ½

Since starting this program just over 5 weeks ago, I am down 6 pounds, but more than that, my stomach is flatter, my energy is higher, and my outlook on eating is more positive.

This. Is. Living. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ"

Cindy wild

"So here goes ... week 9! 

I've lost 5.2 kgs (11 lbs) and ~11 inches. At 62.3kgs, I weigh 137 lbs. 

With flexible dieting, I am loving that I don't have to be so restrictive and I'm never hungry!

I’ll share that it’s been a marathon ... years of procrastination and excuses before I OWNED up that a Healthy Mind and Body is my greatest wealth strategy ...

Be in it for the long haul, hang with those who you can learn new strategies from, keep refining, measure progress, and most importantly keep going!"

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Katie croucher

"A year ago I was a couple of months into a consistent pattern. I was working out 4 days a week, 90% of that time was spent in cardio classes and body pump. I saw the same people over & over and I was doing the same things over and over seeing some things tighten, getting those feel good endorphins flowing, but ultimately just feeling "ok" when it was all said and done.

I told myself it was so nice to just show up and do what the instructor told me, I was going through the motions.I restricted my food during the work week, lots of chicken and veggies, no real goals in mind, more often than not I'd have a "cheat" meal on the weekends that would turn into a full day binge and then I'd start it all over again on Mondays. 

This was not what I am capable of. I thought mom jeans that sucked me in and flowy shirts were "fine" when really I die to wear a bikini again and to beat my son in a foot race until he's 15. I also want to find and live out my passions in life and I want to show my son and daughter what it's like to never settle. I could never do that if I settled with the most important things that I was given. My mind and my body.

Fast forward to 2017. This group, iifym, the way Bri pushed me to fill up my mind with something new all the time, this is not only sustainable but it's showed me how important it is to not settle.. to constantly tweak and push forward.. read something new, compete with yourself in and out of the gym, and STOP selling yourself short.

I want everyone in this fit fam/girls lifted tribe to feel the way I do in week 10. You are worth it.


Bre Bowzer


Jami Millsap


Monique Spinx


Tara Gosselink